If we traders say we are good and yet we request to be paid with the commission, it is because we do not believe in what we do and therefore we are not as good as we claim to be”.
We cannot talk about our abilities, envisage possible returns but get paid in any case “.

If we are such good traders, we don’t need customers, we invest our money and we will be rich in a matter of days”.

Every professional activity is made up of not only economic satisfactions. Being paid on the performance obtained is a great satisfaction”.
The real advertisement of a trader is not the badges he gets with words, purchased reviews or other communication techniques, but performance”.
Technical analysis is the science of Monday morning quarterback. I’ve never seen a technical analyst become rich with his own activity.”

About Fintech4Trading

We have inherited his winning trading ideas with all his exclusive sector studies including, the THEORY OF TIME SPANS and the AC STOP, the only existing stop loss applicable by default on any financial instrument.

His trading style of operation was clearly manual at the time and was also characterized by the important use of mathematics and statistics and has been extremely profitable throughout his career. With the same mathematical and statistical theories he had also collected numerous wins in prediction competitions as well as having beaten a well-known betting company on football matches in the 90s.

He never made use of technical analysis, despite being a great connoisseur, in what the science of then believed to be, collaterally effective and not basic.

We have automated his ideas by implementing the scientific use of his mathematical and statistical theories as well as integrating them as useful as artificial intelligence and machine learning.


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