Profits Consistency

Our automated trading systems guarantees the investment plan consistency of execution. The systems operate long short on all the financial instruments used. They allow better diversification due to the nature of the signals and are effective in any market phase. Therefore, stable and lasting profits are obtained over time compared to those obtained with discretionary decisions.

Risk Control

With the use of automatic systems the risk is always under control. Each order generated by the software will immediately correspond to an order generated by stop loss, AC stop or trailing stop.

The price levels for stop losses, trailing stops and the AC stop are always defined in the context of system programming and applied money management policy.


The automatic trading systems allow, with different strategies, to diversify the risk in the management by operating on various instruments, various financial markets and using variegated entry time frames related to the various market phases.


Automatic trading guarantees a certain and strict operational discipline in any market phase, even at high volatility.

This allows the elimination of the emotional component and thus bringing various benefits mainly constant and profitable results.


All the strategies created have been tested for each individual financial instrument for a period of 8-12 years without adapting the programming parameters to individual periods. They are tested without the use of intense optimization processes; tested on dual software to discard data inconsistencies; subjected to stress tests on the real live market to parametrize all the elements with respect to the remote test.

Automatic Monitoring

The automatic systems are continuously self-monitored. Our proprietary software indicates the levels of entry into the financial market, controls the execution of orders in real time, establishes the input size for a single signal as indicated by the programming of the strategy and faithfully records all the operations carried out. The human component can be used to monitor activity.

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